Focused research, writing and consultation to inspire and inform beautiful and functional sustainable design.

Greater understanding and utilisation of how a place and its culture determine how and what we eat. 


Bee Farrell is a Food Anthropologist with an MA in the Anthropology of Food from SOAS, University of London with a background in community food and horticulture project management, education, health, and architectural master planning research.

She formed Anciens in 2013 and regularly speaks, writes and works as a consultant on the theme of designing food security.

Her knowledge and skills have inspired and enabled food secure design visions to become effective, beautiful and manageable. Much of her work is underpinned by her Urban Communitas master planning framework.


March-June 2017: The New Craftsmen & Selfridges | Our House: A Home for All project, May 2017: Bee London, Mid Town enterprise and tourism food project, March 2015: ‘ Access to healthy food and food cultures of Church Street’ , Church Street Neighbourhood Forum , funded by Westminster and Hammersmith council. December 2014-June 2015: Revising sustainability criteria via new evaluative frameworks for design and build, Adaptive Communities,  Farrells architects master planners, London, UK. June 2010: ‘Communities and the Green Economy in the Thames Gateway’ for Farrells architects master planners, London, UK. 2013-2014: Local Food Producers of The Waveney, Suffolk , Eastfeast directory.


Research presentations

(forthcoming November 2017) Association of European Schools of Planning | AESOP | Coventry, UK | ‘Re-dressing the Bread Balance: An Anthropological Perspective on the De-commodification of a Staple Food ‘,  January 2017  | Mount Anvil, London | Director presentation of Urban Communitas, October 2015: ‘Changes, Choices and Contradictions’ at Sorbonne Universities & National Museum of Natural History, Paris, France. May 2015: ‘Connected Fishing Cultures, the Prunier Trophy and the Taste for Herring’ at ‘Museums, Coastlines and the Sea’, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK. March 2015: ‘Culture, Food and the Environment’ at Oxford Food Forum, Oxford, UK. March 2015: ‘How Productive Urban Landscapes are Instrumental in Reaching Vital Public Health England Policy Objectives’ at Brighton University, UK. March 2015: ‘Bagging history, the Woodbridge Tide Mill flour and the Heritage Food Economy’ at Tours University, France. October 2014: ‘Shortening the Food Chain-Reintegrating Food into the City’: Cross disciplinary panel event and audience discussion. Feast for the 50 attendees of urban food grown, processed and cooked in London, including roast pumpkin from Regents Park allotments and honey from St Ermin’s Hotel.  (Capital Growth campaign) and London Gin cocktails, Farells architects masterplanners, London, UK.


October 2017 |  “Romanticising the Past : A Case Study of a Tide Mill”, in Urban Agriculture magazine 33, RUAF & Coventry University | October 2017 | “The Power of Bread to Bring Us Together” in The Offbeats magazine, Boisbuchet | September 2017 |  “A Place for Food in Sustainable Urban Masterplanning” in Building Sustainable Cities of the Future:  from Urban Centres to Megacities,  Springer, Berlin, Germany,   May 2017 | co-editor of EATING, Backroad Books journal,, November 2015: May 2015:

Independent Research

2017: Think and Drink at Bois Buchet a team project to engage with the issue of water sustainability by considering cultural traditions, natural materials used for vessels and sharing watering places

2015: “The Rise of the Artisan Baker”; “Thamesmead, a food non-place” and “The Herring Fishing Industry of the East Anglian Coast”, independent study SOAS, UCL, UK, Anthropology of Food Programme. 2013: The Western European History of Gingerbread, independent study SOAS, UCL, UK, Anthropology of Food Programme. 2009-2012: Comparative Studies of Cultures using Handling Collection of Food and Farming Objects, UEA, Norfolk,UK. 2008-2009: ‘Environmental Education in British schools’,  Bio-diversity through Design Project, Norfolk, Norwich, UK.


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